Ichetucknee Springs

The Ichetucknee Head Spring is a National Natural Landmark. The Head Spring, along with eight other named springs feed the Ichetucknee River, creating a blue-green waterway that is a pleasant 72 degrees. No motorized boats are allowed ensuring the pr

eservation of this natural beauty.Ichetucknee Springs State Park is perfect for tubing, kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddle boarding, swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving.Although well-known for its warm weather tubing, the 2,669-acre Ichetucknee Springs State Park is also a wildlife haven, where beaver, otter, gar, softshell turtle, wild turkey, wood duck, and limpkin all find a home. Three nature trails also guide visitors through the lush park forest or through a majestic sandhill environment with towering longleaf pines.

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Santa Fe River

One of the main tributaries of the Santa Fe River is the Ichetucknee River which brings millions of gallons of crystal clear water into the Santa Fe each day. The Santa Fe is an excellent place for kayaking, canoeing and boating. Large boats cannot n

avigate above its confluence with the Ichetucknee due to the many rock formations in the river. The area through which the Santa Fe flows is sparsely populated and a variety of wildlife can be seen in a trip down the river.

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Little River Springs

One of the most popular and best known springs in the Branford area is Little River Springs. The springs are located in a county park operated by the Suwannee County Parks andRecreation Department. Little River has a large parking lot, picnic areas,

concreted sidewalks and pathways, tanning ledges and board walks. It has spectacular views overlooking the spring pool, the spring run and a view of “Down Upon the Suwannee River”. From the Suwannee River Rest, Little River is located about a 25 minute drive by car and aabout 45-50 minute trip by boat. There is no fee for use of the park.

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Troy Spring State Park

Troy Springs State Park is located between Branford and Mayo, Florida. Troy Springs State Park offers a wonderful experience in the middle of rural north Florida to cool off, relax and enjoythe best the state has to offer in the form of a premiere sp

ring. Whether snorkeling, diving or just sitting on the shore, you are sure to find something to enjoy and keep coming back. From the Suwannee River Rest Troy Springs State park is about a 30 minute drive by car and about a 45-50 minute ride by boat.

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Rock Bluff Spring

Rock Bluff Springs is a second magnitude spring with a 700 foot spring run to the Suwannee River. The beautiful clear spring has large cypress trees growing in it. The land is dotted with numerous karst windows opening into the aquifer surrounded by

large Live Oak trees, palmettos and magnolias. The main spring is oval shaped and is thirty foot deep. Those visiting the spring will enjoy the dirt road drive to the spring through the beautiful Florida woodland.

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